The following is a compilation of resources on various topics.

SC4F does not encourage, support, or condone any information, suggestions, or medical treatment notated within these resources.

SC4F believes in access to information to make decisions

in conjunction with your personal care provider.




SC4F and its members in no way guarantee a Provider/System

will accept a patient or offer any treatments.

This information is provided simply for the community to

consider when seeking resources.

If you wish to add a Provider/Practice to this list,

please contact us.


Cornerstone Family Medicine

Galen Healthcare

Hampton Regional Medical Center

Kendall & Kemmerlin

New Health Concepts

Piedmont Medical Center

Well Within Family Practice


Dr. Jonathan File

Dr. Michelle Hagenbuch

Dr. Robert Jackson

Dr. Daniel Smith

National Providers:

America's Frontline Doctors

Push Health

Pharmacy Resources

The following pharmacies have assisted in filling prescriptions

for alternative therapies.  There are no guarantees these

pharmacies are currently or will be filling any prescriptions in the future. 

This information is simply provided for the community to

consider when seeking resources. 

If you wish to add a Pharmacy to this list, please contact us.

Carolina Community Pharmacy - Greenwood

Food Lion Pharmacy - Greenwood

Greenville Discount Pharmacy

Herald's - North Charleston

Honea Path Pharmacy

Howard's Pharmacy

McLeskey-Todd Pharmacy

PickWick Pharmacy

Powdersville Family Pharmacy

Shaw's Pharmacy

Various CVS, Food Lion, Ingles, Publix, & Walgreens locations have filled, but seem to depend entirely on location and inventory.